WARNING: Be On The Lookout For These Riding In Tandem Criminals

Police are now on the trail of 2 robbers after they robbed a man right in front of their house in Antipolo City. They figured in a shootout with the village guards but managed to escape.

Riding In Tandem

Although the incidence of burglary by Riding in Tandems have greatly decreased ever since President Duterte waged the all-out war against criminality, there are still some criminals who are stubborn enough to commit crimes.

They continue their heinous deeds to support their vices without any regard for their victims.

Antipolo Robbery

In a post shared by All About The Philippines on their official Facebook page, 2 robbers in a motorcycle went inside a private subdivision. They followed their victim, who was also driving a motorcycle and robbed him in front of his house.

The subdivision security was able to sense the robbery, so they chased the suspects. The robbers, armed with guns, engaged the security guards in a shootout, hitting and injuring one of the guards.
The guards were able to retaliate and hit one of the suspects. However, the 2 robbers were able to escape by climbing over a cement wall that leads to the other nearby subdivision.

They left behind their motorcycle with plate number DC 29379, and a gun that may have been dropped by the injured robber.


The Antipolo police are now in the manhunt for the riding in tandem and are asking the public to be careful and be on the lookout for these 2 dangerous armed men.

Any information that the public may find about this two suspects can contact the Mayamot Police station in Antipolo City. They can be contacted through these numbers 647-9218 and 9015945.

Enraged Netizens

The anger and rage of the netizens can be clearly noticed with the way they reacted to the posts. They condemned these criminals and wish that they would be captured so that they can pay for their crimes.

WANTED Advisory: Ireport sa tel. number 647-9218 PNP Mayamot Police Station, Antipolo City or 901-5945 – Mapanganib ang dalawang taong ito na riding in tandem mag operate. Nangholdap sa isang private subdivision sa Marcos Highway, Antipolo City na sinabayan sa pagpasok ang hinoldap na nakamotor sa pagpasok sa gate at ng makapasok na ay hinoldap sa harap ng bahay mismo at tumakas, nasakote ng mga security guards, nakipagputukan at tumakas sa border fence sa kabilang subdivision, naiwan ang motorcycle, nalaglag ang 38 caliber gun ng isa, nakuha pang magpaputok at tamaan ang isang guard papalabas ng gate, at tuluyang nakatakas sa pagsakay sa pampasaherong jeep. Hinihinalang may tama ng baril ang may katabaan kaya sa mga ospital o clinic na pinagdalhan, magreport ipagbigay alam sa kinauukulan.

Here are some of the comments from our angry netizens.

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