Viral Daddy Who Was Not Allowed To See Beloved Daughter Went To Tulfo For Help

The Dad who went viral recently when he posted videos of her daughter crying because she doesn’t want to come home to her Mommy went to Raffy Tulfo’s program to ask for his help regarding his situation.

Viral Dad

Bryan Bautista, a businessman and a father to a young girl went viral recently.

He posted videos of his daughter crying and refusing to go back to her mother, with whom he has been separated for quite some time now.

He was allowed to see her daughter once a week in the past, however, for some reason, her ex girlfriend denied him the right to see their daughter, despite his efforts to do so.

I Miss My Daughter So Much

When his attempts to visit her daughter proved futile, Bryan decided to ask the help of Mr. Raffy Tulfo. He went to the popular radio program Raffy Tulfo in Action and narrated his sad story.

He said that he has a very close relationship with her daughter. Even though he is only allowed to see her once a week, he makes sure he spends quality time with her.

He also mentioned that he was regularly giving financial support to her, including her tuition fees and other expenses.

The Root Cause

He said that the mother decided to transfer her daughter to an exclusive school and asked for 30K pesos from him.

She gave him a date on when to give the money.

He obliged but was able to come up with the funds a day after the agreed date.

He was surprised that the mother was angry and refused to accept the money he was giving. Since then, he was not allowed to see their daughter.

Support From Netizens

People from all over the net expressed their support to the father who’s only wish is to spend time with her daughter.

Netizens praised him for fighting for his rights as a father and for being a responsible father.

Although the mother may also have her valid reasons on why she refuse to let her daughter see his father, in the eyes of the law, it is clearly a violation of a father’s rights.

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