Trillanes Warns Of EDSA People Power 3: “Pag punong-puno na yong mga kababayan natin at nagsalita na sila”

Is it time for another People Power? Senator Antonio Trillanes thinks it is up to the people to decide that.

Out of my hands

In a meet that Trillanes had with his supporters inside the Senate building in Pasay last September 7, 2018, he said that if the people decide to have another People Power, it is going to be out of his hands.
“These things are out of my hands, desisyon ng taongbayan kung hanggang saan na lang yong kanilang pasensya,” said Trillanes.


He also added that there have been people who were reaching out to him, from here in the Philippines and even abroad. They are all concerned about what is happening in the country today.
“Our countrymen have been expressing, not only [from] here, but also overseas and they are all concerned with what is happening in our country,” he added.

No more patience

According to Trillanes, people have been losing their patience. They are concerned with the administration’s war on drugs, the corruption, the TRAIN .
He also added that a “very significant” number of the Armed Forces of the Philippines personnel quite like him are only waiting for the decision of the public.
“Hinihintay ang mga kababayan natin. ‘Pag punong-puno na yong mga kababayan natin at nagsalita na sila, we will never know. Hindi naman automatic yon na ganoon ang mangyayari, but history will tell us ganoon ang nangyari. It’s palpable, you can feel it when the time is right,” the senator said.
He maintained that the AFP is not unanimous in the nullification of his amnesty. He said that they only “categorically” agreed to be professional.
“They want to be professional and they want to remain professional,” he said.

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