Trillanes, Scared To Go Out Of The Senate Building, Heard Mass Inside In Front Of Media

Senator Trillanes, afraid of being arrested by the police after his amnesty was revoked, chose to stay inside the Senate building and heard mass in front of the media.

Praying For Salvation

The former navy officer turned politician, who may have realized that his pleas for support fell on deaf ears, deemed it wise to ask the help of the divine providence instead.

Having stayed in the Senate for more than 3 days now for fears that he will be arrested, the senator heard mass inside the building in front of the media people.

Support From The Church

In a video posted by Abante on their website, religious leaders can be seen praying for the senator. It can be heard from the video that the priest is denouncing the move of the president, and was quoted as saying “ silang may ilusyong sila ay maliliit na diyos”.

The priest also added that in the current administration, everyone is dispensable, even the constitution.

It can be recalled that the Church has a long-standing verbal war against the president and his agenda, especially his war on drugs and criminality.

Senate A Safe Haven

Yesyerday, a 50 man team of the PNP-CIDG went to the Senate to try and arrest Senator Trillanes. However, Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto, in a gallant show of compassion, did not surrender his fellow senator and instead put him under Senate custody.

He assured the fallen senator that as long as he is under the roof of the Senate building, he will not be arrested. This means that he is free to attend the Senate sessions, hearings and other functions.
Senator Trillanes has been staying at the Senate for more than 3 days now.

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