Trillanes On Robin Padilla’s Taunts: “Parang bata! We’re dealing with national problems here”

Actor Robin Padilla’s statement about Senator Antonio Trillanes hiding under the “saya” of the Senate, has reached the latter. And he is not sure how to react to it.

2-Second attention

In an ambush interview, Trillanes was asked what he can say about Padilla’s comment about him hiding under the “saya” of the Senate.

He even asked the reporter to repeat what Padilla said, and then he said that he didn’t know how to react.

“Pano ba ko magrereact? So, papansinin ko siya, ganun? Ayan na, binigyan ko siya ng mga 2-seconds.”

When pushed for a comment, he said that he finds Padilla petty and immature.
“Parang bata. It’s too petty,” said Trillanes.

“We’re dealing with national problems here tapos you have immature people like that,” he added.

Senate Custody

When the news broke yesterday that the amnesty that was given to Trillanes by former president Noynoy Aquino in 2010, regarding the Oakwood mutiny has been declared void from the start by President Rodrigo Duterte, all eyes were on Trillanes.

Everybody was expecting to see Trillanes arrested and put to jail. One of these is Padilla, who even went to the Senate to watch.

However, even if there were already PNP-CIDG members outside of the custody, it was reported that Trillanes is going to stay inside.

Robin’s offer

In his live video, Padilla said that Trillanes should go out the Senate house.

“Dito po sa loob nito ay nagtatago ang isang senador na mismong hindi sumusunod sa batas,” he said.
“Kami mga ordinaryong tao kapag may kaso, wala kaming magawa.”

“Kapag sinabi ng pulis na kailangan namin sumama sa kanila, sumasama kami. Kahit na alam namin na wala kaming kasalanan.”

Watch his video here:

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