Trillanes Admits He Is Ready For Jail: Nakaready at impake na

Senator Antonio Trillanes is still in the Senate House and the people can’t wait for him to get arrested by the authorities.

In a press briefing he did today, he said that he and his things are ready in case he goes straight to jail.

No basis

Since the news broke that the amnesty granted to Trillanes last 2010 is voided by an Executive Order that President Duterte signed, the senator has been staying under the custody of the Senate House.

Trillanes was adamant in saying that he believes there is no basis and that he cannot be thrown in jail.
He called for a press conference yesterday where he showed evidence of his pleas for amnesty and proof that he admitted guilt 8 years ago, regarding the Oakwood Mutiny.


In today’s press briefing, a reporter asked if he was already ready to get jailed despite him saying that he should not be arrested.

He admitted that he is already packed with things that he will need like toiletries.

In terms of his family, he already talked to them and is calling out to them to be stronger during these times of trials. He maintained that he told his children to focus on their studies.


He also mentioned that there will be protocols in case the authorities nab him.

Lawyers should be present when he is arrested, the senators and the Senate leaders should also be consulted.

Lastly, he shared that he during the seven years that he was jailed before, his family has already experienced it, and if he will get jailed again, it is not something new to them.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think:

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