The Conclusion: Womanizer Husband Vs. Battered Wife

In a thrilling conclusion to this family saga aired by Raffy Tulfo in Action, the battered wife and the womanizer husband will be seeing each other eye to eye as Raffy Tulfo invited the husband for him to air his side of the story.

She Said

In a thrilling confrontation between the aggrieved wife and the accused husband, Raffy Tulfo tried his very best to be neutral for both sides. He let the wife speak her mind first, which the wife obliged. She went on a litany of grievances, proof that she was indeed deeply hurt by all the things that her husband did. She complained about her endless womanizing, his lack of support for their two children and also the fact that he hurt her physically during their heated arguments.

He Said

When it was time for the husband to air his side, He denied all the allegations hurled against him, except for his womanizing. He said that he did not hurt her in any instance and that he personally gave her the money to support their children.

He also revealed that his wife, during the pregnancy of their first child, was seriously thinking of aborting the child, or have the child adopted. Mr. Tulfo was shocked by this serious accusation, so he asked the wife about the truth.

The Rebuttals

The wife explained that she was suffering from postpartum depression during the time when she thought of having the child aborted. She was depressed because she could not get any kinds of support from her husband. Both financial and moral support was not given. She said that what’s important is that she did not give in to her depression and continued with the pregnancy.

Shocking Conclusion

The siblings of the husband joined in the confrontation and seemed like it will not cease.
In the end, the wife brought out the warrant of arrest for her husband and the husband was arrested by the police right there and then, in the radio program of Raffy Tulfo.

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