The Battle Continues: The Womanizer’s Siblings Vs. The Oppressed Wife

Amid the continuing saga between the womanizing husband and his oppressed wife, the sisters of the arrested husband confronts their sister-in-law.

The Arrest Of The Husband

In the previous episode of the popular public service radio program Raffy Tulfo In Action, we have witnessed the story between the Kalinga couple. The wife charged her husband of womanizing as well as physical abuse.

The husband, who went to the radio program with his siblings, was arrested by police due to the standing warrant of arrest filed by his wife for Violation Against Women and Children. He was handcuffed and was sent to jail.

Battle with In-Laws

After the arrest of the husband, the sisters-inlaw and the wife continued their verbal tussle. The husband’s family questioned the wife’s motive on why she need to go to Tulfo for their personal problems. They said that she should’ve ironed things out with them, instead of dragging them to national media and let everybody know of their personal issues.

Oppressed Wife Defends Herself

Jane Kalinga expressed her love for her sisters-in-law, but said she couldn’t stand the pain any longer. It’s been a vicious cycle and she is tired of having to forgive again only to be fooled the next day. She has endured so many hardships for so long that all she want right now is to see her husband locked up in jail and pay for his wrongdoings.

Too Late For Reconciliation

Despite the efforts of the sisters-in-law to talk her out of it, the wife is decided to push through with the case. In the video we can see the husband in the Mandaluyong Police while awaits the processing of his bail.

Here is the full video of Raffy Tulfo’s top rated tele radio show Raffy Tulfo In Action:

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