Rugby Teens Steals From And Attacks Passengers Of Jeepney Along Macapagal Ave

A video of a group of teenagers who attacked a mom who was with her kid inside a jeepney full of passengers was posted on social media.

Broad daylight

The incident was witnessed by a passenger of a taxi that was on the same road.

According to the poster, the bunch of teenagers tried to steal from the jeep, but ended up attacking one girl.

The teenagers can be seen at the end of the jeepney all trying to get in and have their go at attacking a girl inside.

The girl

The girl was inside the jeepney was holding her baby. The teenagers outside the jeep were taking turns attacking her inside and shouting what we could just assume were mean words towards the girl.

At one point, another girl went to the side and pulled the hair of the girl inside. The other passengers can be seen removing the hand of the girl from the poor mom’s hair.

After that, some of the teenagers ran while a few more remained. But they also dispersed after the jeep went ahead on their way.

The witness

The witness who took the video, Victor Padilla Bagatcholon III said that he was in a taxi with his mom and his cousin when the incident happened.

They were passing through Macapagal Avenue at around 5:50 pm.

According to him, the teenagers were able to get some stuff from inside the jeep. But after that, they just started to attack the woman with a child.

Victor and his companions didn’t dare go down because the teenagers were holding a knife.

He just advised everyone to keep safe.

A bunch of rugby kids attacked a mom and with her kid inside a jeep. 

I was with my mom and cousin in a taxi going home, we were at Macapagal Ave. around 5:50 PM
Pumasok yung mga nagpapalimos na bata sa loob ng jeep. Mga 12-15 sila sa grupo. Biglang may commotion sa loob ng jeep. May mga nakuhang gamit yung mga bata and nadamay pa yung isang nanay na may kasamang anak. Hindi ko alam yung rason pero binugbog ng mga rugby kids yung nanay sa labas ng window ng jeep.

Hindi ko navideohan kasi kalahati lang ng incident yung navideohan ko. Natakot ako lumabas kasi baka may knife yung isa sa kanila. But anyway please stay safe folks, especially sa mga nag papalimos na tao/kids.

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