Robin Padilla To Trillanes: “Labas na dyan, pare! Wag kang magtago sa saya ng Senado!”

The news about the President Rodrigo Duterte’s revocation of the amnesty that was granted to Senator Antonio Trillanes last 2010 has been filling up the news like wildfire since this morning.

Padilla’s reaction

Following the news, actor and Duterte supporter Robin Padilla couldn’t help but release a reaction video of what he thinks about the issue.

“Labas na dyan, pare! Wag kang magtago sa saya ng Senado!”

He can be heard calling out to Trillanes to leave and go out of the Senate building where he is staying. He is said to be safe within the building because nobody can arrest a senator inside the Senate, or while they are having a hearing.

Warrant of arrest

Padilla who went to the Senate Building to witness the arrest is waiting in his car while doing his reaction video.

He said that in the building, a senator who is not following the law is hiding.

He mentioned that if there is already a warrant, then the one being arrested should go peacefully without resisting. He said that even if he knows he is not at fault, if there is a warrant, he goes peacefully because it is what the law says.


He also reminded Trillanes that if he feels that he is being wrongly accused, then he should come peacefully and just explain in the court.

He said that Trillanes should not be making a big issue out of this. He should be following the law even if he is a senator.

Senate protection

Padilla wondered why when ordinary citizens like farmers and fishermen are presented a warrant of arrest, they have no choice but to submit themselves. But when it comes to senators, the Senate itself is protecting them.

Padilla mockingly said that why would the Philippines pay for the electricity of the Senate just because a senator is hiding in it. He even playfully asked, is this a hotel?

Watch his video here and tell us what you think:

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