Robin Padilla Threw Back Trillanes’ Accusation: “Isa lang ang parang bata dito e, ikaw.”

Robin Padilla mockingly records a live video to say that it is an honor that Senator Antonio Trillanes responded to his previous live video saying that Trillanes should go out of the Senate.


Padilla said that he is deeply confused by what Trillanes said about him. According to Padilla, if there is someone immature, then it is the senator and not him.

“Sa usapin na ito, isa lang ang parang bata dito e, ikaw.”

He said that the only one who is immature here is Trillanes himself. What with his hiding and all, he definitely deserves the line he threw at Padilla also.

“Kasi ikaw ang nagtatago e.” he added.

No one is above the law

Padilla maintained that Trillanes was the one playing hide and see with the law.

He admitted that he went to the Senate to personally witness the serving of the warrant to Trillanes, which obviously did not happen because Trillanes hid inside the Senate.

He emphasized that no one should be above the law. He said he went to the Senate to practice his right as a citizen to witness the arrest of a senator.

History has proven

Also in the video, Padilla added that even before this, Trillanes was already childish. He started a coup-de-tat but after 24 hours he surrendered.

He has a say on every issue that he doesn’t like, and he makes it a point that his complaints are heard.

These, according to Padilla are proof that Trillanes is indeed the childish one.


As opposed to the loud and mocking Robin that was seen yesterday, today’s video is calmer. He said that he was called out by his fellow Muslims that it is not nice to laugh that way because he may be offending the family of the senator.

To whom he greatly apologized to before addressing Trillanes.

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