Reminder To All Parents: Using Gadgets While Babysitting Can Take A Life

It isn’t easy to raise a family causing both the parents to work for a living. In order to run the family despite the absence of the parents, most opt to hire a nanny to do their responsibilities at home. However, doing so does not suffice the love and care that the biological parents can give.

A viral video circling around the social media today serves as a reminder to all parents about the harm of indulging one’s self with cell phones while taking care of children.

A Nightmare

The CCTV clip shows a nanny and two children swimming in an inflatable pool. What could seem to be a fun and exciting bonding turned into a nightmare that will haunt them forever.

At first, the nanny is seen guiding the toddler in yellow floaters while the other one freely plays on his own.

After a few moments, the toddler in yellow floater went overboard and drown while the nanny isn’t looking.

She was seen busy with her cell phone and didn’t like to get bothered.

“Please Help!”

The kid older came rushing to the toddler but can’t find a way to do so. He tried to get off the floaters from his body but to no avail. Instead, he crossed to get to the nanny and poke her but the latter seems busy and didn’t mind.

Few moments and the toddler floats and stay unnoticed around the inflatable pool until the nanny get annoyed with the other one’s pokes.

She came rushing to the baby and uplift the kid who seems lifeless already.

The nanny then called out for help and several people came over.

The video draws attention from the netizens and finds the clip disturbing. Not just that, it just shows that taking care of the children should not be easily passed onto nannies and cellular phones aren’t advisable to use while babysitting.

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