Priest Shocked Netizens As He Prayed For Duterte To Acquire Sickness

Instead of praying for the well being of everyone, a priest was videotaped praying for President Duterte to be sick because of what he was doing to the country.

Priests Are Holy

Most of us have very high regard for priests. We honor them and respect them for their virtuousness. They are supposed to be models of integrity and faith. However, there are priests who, instead of focusing on their religious duties to the people decide to meddle with politics.

Prayers For Duterte

In a video posted by netizen Wowie Jan, the priest can be seen doing his homily in front of the people hearing mass. He chastised the president for all his tirades against the church. He also said that as a servant of the church, he is obliged to pray, so he prayed for the president to get sick so that he would stop his attacks on the church.

“Winawalanghiya ang simbahan pati ang diyos binabastos.. Sinabi ng ating simbahan na magdasal.. pero pinagdasal ko naman na magkasakit si Digong kasi baka pagod na siya, tahimik muna siya.” the priest was quoted.

A Good Shepherd

A priest should be a good shepherd to his flock. He should be the last person to say ill of someone. He should be a model for all the people who look up to them. Is this the reason why most people are disenchanted with their faith?

Reactions From Social Media

People were shocked at the behavior of the priest. They cannot believe that this unholy words would come from the mouth of a supposedly “holy” person. The netizens were greatly dismayed by his actions.

Here are some of their comments.

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