Pinay Who Escaped Paying A Fellow Pinay After Giving Her A Pedicure Gets Bullied

A viral video of an OFW woman being bashed and embarrassed is now being shared on social media.

She’s at fault

The woman on the video is not to be pitied though. She was being laughed at and bashed after running off without paying her fellow Pinay OFW who cleaned her feet.

A Facebook user named ConNie Gracia posted the video wherein the woman can be seen waving on the other side of the street.

Other women are laughing and jeering at her and shouting at her.


Apparently, according to the original poster, the woman in the video asked for a pedicure from a Filipina.

She tried to haggle for a lesser price, and when she didn’t get what she wanted, she walked away hurriedly without paying.

Her feet can be seen still outside the shoes, which means she just got up and walked away.

Gracia said that she was attempting to call policemen and authorities from the other side of the street. Even though she was the one at fault.

Embarrassed enough

For a few moments, she kept on waving to the other side of the road. When nobody came to her, she just turned around, wore her shoes, and walked away.

In her embarrassment, she wasn’t even able to look at anyone in the eye during the whole incident.
Watch the video here and let us know what you think.

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