Paid Rallyists of Trillanes Caught Chanting Duterte’s Name In A Video

The hottest trend in the political arena today is Senator Antonio Trillanes III’ revocation of amnesty and his most awaited arrest in lieu of Proclamation No. 572.

The opposition is now on the move calling out people to start opening their eyes and see how the present administration is making its desperate political move to silence the so-called “dilawans.”

Supporters of Trillanes’ Rehearsal

The tough senator opts to stay in the Senate, while his supporters are calling out for justice. A Facebook video posted by a netizen, JP Faura shows what seemed to be a rehearsal of protesters supporting Trillanes.

The video shows how protesters are being taught what to shout when the event came in.

Most in the video are seen holding a piece of paper with Trillanes’ picture and some have been holding out a piece with Duterte’s mocked face. The protesters can be seen shouting out a certain chant,

“Trillanes, Ipagtanggol!”

A woman can be seen urging people to shout stronger and with conviction, teaching them how to do it right.

Still Pro-Duterte

However, truth can’t be always evaded in some political agendas. At the end of the video, a female rallyist kept saying Duterte’s name in the sound of their chant for Trillanes, thus cutting the video immediately.

Faura captioned the video as to why the need of rehearsals and scripts for such an event. He then adds that it is really challenging to not have real supporters.

Netizen’s Speculations

Netizens made several speculations about the viral video whether the people hired are paid rallyists and an actual Duterte supporter. Some said that they are paid 500 pesos, enough money to feed a starving stomach temporarily. The video made Trillanes more of a laughing stock, hoarding paid supporters just to say that he has the society’s sympathy.

Many netizens believe that the paid rallyists are not aware of the status quo as they are just after the money.

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