NAIA Airport Security Nabbed For Stealing $2,600 From Taiwanese Passenger

An Office for Transportation Security personnel at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport was arrested for stealing money worth $2,600 from a Taiwanese national while he was inspecting the bag of the foreigner.

Caught By The Passenger

In a report from SMNI news on their Facebook page, two OTS personnel were inspecting the bag of a Taiwanese national. Based on the complaint of the foreigner, he saw one of the guards getting a pack of cigarettes from his backpack, while he noticed the other one getting something from his bag and putting it in his pocket.

Money Was Missing

The Taiwanese national said he was late for the flight so he waited until he boarded the plane when he checked his belongings.

He found out that his money, which was contained in an envelope, was lacking $2,600 dollars.

Caught By CCTV

Based on the complaint from the Taiwanese, officials of the OTS checked the CCTV footage and saw for themselves that the OTS personnel are gulity of the accusation thrown against them.

When questioned, one of the OTS personnel, Greyner Alvarez, owned up to his deed, saying he really took a pack of cigarettes from the victim. He also confessed that his partner gave him $100 that day and that he was the one who took the money.

Unjust Vexation

When invited to the OTS office, the other suspect, Nievel Gorpe suddenly went berserk, he threatened the people in the office and told them “ Wala akong pakialam kung pulis kayo!”. This led to his arrest and he was charged with Unjust Vexation. He is now detained at the Pasay City jail.

Reaction From Social Media

Netizens were angry and embarrassed at the same time by the actions of the airport guard. It again tarnished the reputation of the Filipinos in the eyes of the foreigners.

Here are some of the comments from the netizens.

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