Israel Gave President Duterte And Presidential Daughter Inday Sara A Warm Welcome

In the first stop of his two-nation visit to Middle Eastern countries. President Duterte and daughter Mayor Inday Sara received a red carpet treatment as they arrive in Israel yesterday morning.

VIP Treatment

In a video posted by netizen Guy Farber on his Facebook account, the president can be seen being welcomed by Israeli officials upon his arrival at the Ben Gurion International Airport located in Tel Aviv, capital of Israel.

Upon receiving red carpet treatment in the airport, the president and her daughter immediately headed to the Ramada Hotel to prepare for the event with Filipino communities scheduled Sunday evening. There are reportedly 28,000 Filipinos working in Israel, most of them as caregivers.

List Of Agenda

Ambassador of the Philippines Nathaniel Imperial noted that this is a historic visit. President Duterte is the first Filipino leader to visit the holy land.

“We consider this visit extremely important. We consider it a historic visit and we hope to transform this historic relationship and this enduring friendship into a more vibrant and stronger partnership,” Imperial was quoted.

High on the list of agenda is the cooperation of both countries in these vital areas – defense and security, economic development, law enforcement and trade and labor deals.

Arms Deal

The purchase of military weapons for the Philippine Armed Forces are also high on the list of priorities. Israel is one of the leading arms manufacturers in the world, and the president is keen on acquiring high-quality firearms for the 120,000 strong police force.

Proud Netizens

Netizens expressed their excitement in seeing the president. They are proud of his accomplishments and are eager to show the president their appreciation of his efforts to change the Philippines for the better.

Here are some of their reactions.

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