Instant Karma: Robber Mauled By Victims After Dropping Gun During A Hold-up

A robber got his well deserved karma after he foolishly dropped the gun he is using in robbing his victims. He ended up getting hurt by the angry victims and lost his motorcycle in the process.

Foiled Robbery

The Philippine News (TPN) posted a video on Facebook showing a robber in a motorcycle in the act of robbing three unsuspecting victims while they were walking in the street. In a funny twist of fate, the suspect accidentally dropped the gun he is using to scare the victims. The victims immediately picked up the gun and wrestled the suspect. A scuffle ensued between the male victim and the suspect.

Man in Underwear To The Rescue

Help came as concerned citizens tried to help the victims. A man in his underwear suddenly pummeled the suspect with a very long stick. The suspect was able to free himself from the victims and escape, but not before receiving some hard blows from the angry victims and the residents. He also left behind the motorcycle he used for the crime.

Scene From A Comedy Film

Although it is not funny to be a victim of a crime, the circumstances on the video seemed like a scene from a comedy film. The epic fail of the hold-upper, the slow reaction of the victims in picking up the gun, the futile attempt of the robber to escape, but his motorcycle didn’t start, and of course, the rescue attempt of the superhero in briefs.

Funny Reactions

The reactions of the netizens were hilarious as well. One of the victims commented that he was hit by “friendly fire”, meaning he was unintentionally hit by the man in underwear who’s trying to help them.

Here are some of the comments from our relieved netizens:

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