Fr. Reyes To The Military: “Magising na po kayo! Ginagamit kayo!”

Father Robert Reyes officiated and led the mass, procession as well as the revolt singing of “Bayan Ko” in front of the Senate house tonight.

After the events, he was interviewed where he left a message for the military.

Are you dogs?

Reyes asked the military during his interview if they are dogs just blindly following their master’s orders. Or are they free men who are free to do what they believe in.

“Ang iyong idol o ang iyong bayan? Kayo ba ay aso na sumusunod sa inyong amo? O kayo ay malayang Pilipinong mamamayan na sumusunod at magtatanggol sa inyong bayan?”


In addition to that, he addressed the military and said that the soldiers are not here to follow the leader. They should be giving their service to the Filipino people.

“Magising na po kayo! Ginagamit kayo!”

He also said that they are soldiers of the country, not a private army of only one person.

“Wake up and go back to your people, to us.”


He also added that the soldiers should tell “this man” that he  should not DICTATE what the soldiers should do, and he should follow what the Constitution says.

Let Trillanes be

And then his real request surfaced. He said that the soldiers should let Senator Antonio Trillanes be, because he already has a valid amnesty and they shouldn’t be arresting him anymore.

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