First Filipino Leader To State Visit In Jordan, Duterte Receives Warm Welcome And Military Guard of Honor

One of the job descriptions of state leaders is to visit and personally meet other head of the state not just to tighten bond and defense but to make trade agreements.

It is noticeable that President Rodrigo Duterte is putting so much effort in state visits and attending business forums that could greatly be of help through investing here in the country and make more jobs for the people.

Moreso, Philippines is marked as a good platform for potential investments for many businessmen.

Duterte In Jordan

Duterte is currently in Jordan, and about to meet Jordan’s King Abdullah II at Al Husseinieh Palace set today. They are bound to tighten the relationshio between the two countries, and witness the exchange of agreements set particularly for defense, the rights of Overseas Filipino Workers in Jordan, trade investments, and foreign affairs.

From Israel To Jordan

Apart from the delegation team, the President set foot in Jordan together with the presidential daughter and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte.

They flew to Jordan under Philippine Airlines with a chartered plane PR001 and arrived at Queen Alia International Airport on September 5 after a visit in Israel.

One For The Books

This historic visit is one for the books as Rodrigo Duterte is the first Filipino head of the state to personally visit in Jordan. The President and his companions experienced a warm welcome as the Jordanian government prepared for the said event.

Their arrival is handled by the Philippine Ambassador to the Kingdom of Jordan Ambassador Akmad Sakam and the Ministry of Social Development Minister Hala Lattouf.

The arrival of Duterte is welcomed with a red carpet and Military Guard of Honor.

OFWs In Jordan

OFWs in Jordan didn’t let the chance pass to meet Duterte, after all, they are one of the president’s agenda, ensuring their protection and rights as Filipino workers abroad.

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