Debunked: The Other Side Of The Viral Video Of A Man With Expired Licensed Debunks His First Claim

A few days ago, a viral video of a motorist who is being apprehended for carrying an expired license surfaced. The video before seemed to be on the side of the motorist. Now, a video surfaced showing the “other side” of the story – how the motorist was never on the right side.

The viral video

In the video posted by Ben Chan, he was being apprehended by an enforcer for several violations, but he got mad when he saw that there was an expired license violation. He said he has a receipt because LTO did not give him a card yet, but he is licensed.

His video ended with him cursing the enforcer and telling him how narrow-minded he is that he already verified that he is licensed and yet he is still issuing a ticket to him.

The truth

In the video that was released now, the side of the enforcer is seen. The video started with the enforcer asking the Chan not to curse.

The officer originally hailed Chan for using his cell phone while driving. But then other violations were issued in the ticket. When the enforcer was asking Chan to step on his break because his tail light is busted, he didn’t want to oblige.

Expired license

It was clear in the video that the man said that his license card was expired and that he is also bringing an expired receipt. He said that he already renewed his license but he is not bringing it.
While the enforcer was talking to his supervisor, Chan even went down and asked the name of the enforcer.

In the end, Chan was still adamant on his side of the story when it was clearly heard in the video that he was not bringing his license.

He even called out to the enforcer,
“Tangina mo, nakavideo ka, tanga.”
The enforcer brilliantly answered back,
“Opo, salamat po sa pagmumura, Godbless po.”

LTO’s Statement

From LTO Mga violations ng driver:

1. No seatbelt
2. Defective tail lights (kaya pinapatapakan sa kanya preno nya)
4. Failure to carry DL kahit resibo (since nung una sinasabi nya na hindi nya dala yung binigay na bagong resibo ng LTO)

What he initially gave the LTO enforcer was an expired DL and receipt. So, sinulat na ng enforcer. You will hear in the video na sinabi nya na hindi nya dala yung bago.
Then, at some point, siguro nahanap nya yung bagong resibo sa bag nya, tsaka sya nagstart mag-video. 

Note na bawal kasi magbura ng violations yung enforcers basta naisulat na sa TOP. May mga instances kasi in the past na kapag naisult pero nabigyan ng “lagay”, binubura.

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