Ben Tulfo To Trillanes: “Hulog sa Bitag! Namumutla sa takot umakyat ang **** sa lalamunan.”

One of the known personalities that couldn’t help but comment about the revocation of the amnesty of Senator Antonio Trillanes is Ben Tulfo himself.

People are rejoicing

In his September 4 episode on his radio program Bitag Sa Radyo started by saying how a lot of people are rejoicing when they heard the news that Trillanes may be arrested today because the president signed an Executive Order announcing that the amnesty given to Trillanes was void from the start.

Tulfo also mentioned how Trillanes was choking on his own private parts when he was trying to explain his side.


Tulfo called out to Trillanes about what he said about not going anywhere if he was to be arrested. But when the CIDG came, he went under the custody of Senator Tito Sotto.

Trillanes also said that he will stay inside the Senate premises. Tulfo doesn’t know for how long.


“Hulog sa Bitag!”

This is how Tulfo explained the situation. Trillanes is saying that he cannot be arrested because the order has no basis.

But Tulfo reminded him that he did not even admit that he was guilty after the Coup-de-tat in the Oakwood Mutiny to impeach former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

If only he admitted that he was guilty and that he will not do it again, and then submitted a request for amnesty, then that is the time that the amnesty is legal.

As it is, he did not admit to his guilt and he did not submit the necessary filing of amnesty.

Not void

Therefore, the basis of the technicality in which the Executive Order that the president signed is legal and binding. Thus, the amnesty of Trillanes is really void from the start.

Tulfo will go into detail about this issue on his program tomorrow, tune in to find out the explanation.

Meanwhile, watch this video:

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