A Heartless Mother Now On The Run After Spilling Boiling Water On Her Daughter

Corporal punishment as a way to discipline kids has been long gone and abolished by many organizations which solely focuses on children’s rights. With the extensive help of the Department of Social Welfare and Development and a vast number of social media users, people are now aware of the maltreatment cases happening to ordinary children.

Corporal Punishment

After the case of what becomes a social media sensation, Berna, the stepmother who beat her stepdaughter, another one comes along. A video of a kid being treated in a hospital went viral as she was seen fighting the urge to cry out loud due to burned hands.

The Viral Video

In an entertainment Facebook page, Ginalingan Eh, pictures of the mother and a backstory of what happened was elaborated.

The mom spilled boiling hot water to her daughter, who eventually had deep degree burns.

The man in the video is identified as the brother of the suspect shared that he came to his niece’s rescue and was able to ask his sister as to why she does such thing to her child. The woman answered with,

”Buti nga naabutan mo pang buhay yan, patayin ko na sana.”

Mommy Ran Away

The family is from Mindanao and the post pleads people around the island to help find the mother and put her in jail.

Photos of the mother are being circulated around the media, thus by any chance, someone stumbled upon her, she could be brought to the police station directly.

Netizens In Rage

Netizens are in a rage upon seeing the video of the young kid trying to fight her battle as she was being treated in the hospital. For most, no mother in her right state of mind can spill boiling water directly into her kid.

Netizens have been calling the mother many names such as evil, heartless and irresponsible mother just like Berna. Netizens suggest that by the time the suspect get caught, let her endure the same thing that her daughter went through from her.

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