Youngsters Having Pot Session Cursed President Duterte And Dares To Legalize Weed

A group of youngsters, obviously under the influence of drugs, took a live video of their pot session, and in the process cursed the president and dared him to legalize the use of illegal drugs.

Wayward Teens

A trending video of a group of teenagers having a pot session are doing the rounds in social media right now. It garnered a lot of attention because of the lack of decency and the audacity of these teens to do such deed and posted it online for the world to see.

Parents do their best to raise their children with good manners, they bombard them with advice to prevent their children from going the wrong path. However, due to peer pressure and the society that seem to glorify rebelliousness, young people tend to go the wrong path.

Who’s To Blame

Duterte has been badly criticized for how he is handling the war on drugs. The church and numerous political detractors have been very vocal about the way he is handling his crusade against the drug menace.

Recently, Sen. Hontiveros and some Catholic leaders unveiled a memorial marker for the slain Kian Delos Santos, a known drug user and a drug peddler. They seem to glorify the death of this youngster and accused the government of extra-judicial killings.

Many people are now wondering, are the youngsters on the video getting more brazen because of the recent glorification of criminals?

Netizens Reactions

A lot of netizens expressed their anger and resentment over the action of the youngsters. Here are some of the social media reactions of our enraged fellowmen.

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