WATCH: Driver Who Did Not Give Way To An Ambulance With Patient Was Caught Arguing With The Driver

A video of an altercation by the road has become viral yet again. This time, the video is about a fight that broke between an ambulance who has a patient inside it and a man who appeared to not give way.


Everybody knows that the protocol for all drivers is to stop or pull over to the side of the road to give way to the ambulance.

When an ambulance has a patient inside, it will turn on its flasher and other vehicles should give way.

Viral video

In a viral video posted by Facebook page All about the Philippines, a man can be seen having an argument with an ambulance driver.

The driver even opened the ambulance door just to show that he really had a patient, but the man still was screaming.

The man even said that yes, he knows the ambulance has a patient because it was using its flasher.


In the caption of the page, the man allegedly did not give way to the ambulance that is why his car was hit by the ambulance.

Read the caption here:

Anu bang protocol kapag may ambulansang humaharorot sa daan dahil emergency?
Diba dapat tatabi lahat ng sasakyan,bigyang daan ang ambulansa dahil may pasyenteng kailangan ng agarang lunas na madala sa ospital..pero etong angas na eto siya pa ang galit siya na nga ang nakabangga sa ambulansa siya pa may gananh mag-angas! Ayaw mo kasing padaanin ang ambulansa kaya nasagi yang sasakyan mo! Sinasabi yan sa orientation sa pag-apply ng drivers license diba?!

The netizens are all united in saying that LTO should revoke the license of the guy.
Others are saying that the ambulance driver should have brought the patient to the hospital first before having an argument.

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