Video Of A Kid Suffering From Illness While Being Held By Helpless Father Breaks Netizens’ Heart

The power of social media has its good and bad side. It could help people in dire need, and it could destroy the reputation of an individual. Around the internet universe, we can still find good samaritans, a proof that humanity still exists.

Heart-wrenching Video

In a video posted on Facebook by a netizen, Janna Janjan Alagon Racho, a kid can be seen crying in a hospital ward and as if something hurts him internally.

His father, who seems can’t do anything about his child’s bout, can be seen hugging his son. According to Racho, it was in a Provincial Hospital in Tagbilaran, Bohol.

The kid is identified as Jomel Montes suffering from Leukemia, and his father dehusks coconut for a living. Racho adds that the family is not financially stable and has no capability to provide for sufficient need for every day.

Good Samaritans

Janna Racho’s post went viral, and the family went flooded with blessings and financial support from netizens and anonymous individuals. An update was posted just recently that many people are reaching out to offer help for Jomel’s medical needs and his family’s. As of today, the family has no personal bank account yet, but the woman assured that every single cent will reach the family.

Additionally, some Malacanang staff are reaching out to the family as well. Jomel’s father was amazed and cried out upon learning of the good samaritans who wants to lend a hand.

Kind Hearts Are Moving

Today, Jomel will be brought to Vicente Sotto Hospital in Cebu City which has a larger facility and is more capable of providing his needs.

Social media is like a big hand that connects people, netizens have been tagging Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho Facebook page to draw more attention and get more help for the kid. Some have been praying for the complete healing and recovery of Jomel.

Watch the video here:

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