Twitter War: Glenn Chong Schooled Jover Laurio On What She Should Be Saying As The LP’s “Paid Blogger”

Jover Laurio, the author of Pinoy Ako Blog had another social media bout to face today. After issues emerge about her complaining and filing a case against Pro-DDS Nieto and Sassot, here she is again striking, claiming that there is no 2016 election fraud contrary to claims of Atty Glenn Chong.

The Super Minor Blogger

As what twitter netizens called, the forever law student will never be the same. People have a reputation to Laurio that she is a paid Liberal Party supporter.

In a Twitter post, Atty Glenn Chong corrects Pinoy Ako Blog’s post where Laurio introduces herself and stated that she is not a paid personality in contradicting the Duterte government and no way represents Danilo Suarez.

Chong replied to her tweet with this:

And then he went on and retweeted Laurio’s tweet and taught the woman with could be the appropriate thing to say.

The former Biliran representative coach the PAB author to put things in a correct way by mentioning that the latter is a super minor blogger and paid by the Liberal Party to destroy the Marcoses and support the #FakeVP pertaining to Leni Robredo.

Pinoy Ako Blog

Pinoy Ako Blog’s Facebook account was once suspended and shut down by the Facebook itself due to a mass report submitted by netizens way back May 2018. Laurio’s name became known when she admitted that she is the author of PAB, and as outed by RJ Nieto.

The woman cried for consistent bashing from netizens, claiming that she is just being keen to Duterte and his government.

Once an anonymous, however, finds comfort when Rappler, led by Maria Ressa backs her up, the social media news website known for criticizing the current administration.

Jover became more recognizable by the netizens when she sued Franco Mabanta, a fellow blogger who made fun of her and called her ugly which resulted to a case dismissal just recently.

Netizen’s reactions

The netizens, naturally were in on the Twitter war that is brewing, also adding their points under Glenn Chong’s Tweet.

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