The Most Heartbreaking Video You’ll Ever See: Mother Passed Away On Her Son’s Birthday

A video of a crying man while his companions sang a birthday song and holding a birthday cake became viral recently. The ensuing tragic story will surely break even the hardest of hearts.

Love For Mother

We all love our parents. While there are people who are closer to their fathers, many of us would agree that there is a certain bond between the mother and her children. She who carried us in her womb for 9 months, she who fed us when we couldn’t feed ourselves yet. We might have a few misunderstandings with our mothers growing up, but we always felt relieved that she will always be there when we need her. Until the inevitable happens.

Tragic Day

In a video posted by netizen Sana Lahat on their FB page, a man is seen holding a birthday cake while singing a birthday song for the celebrant. The guy crying on the video was supposed to celebrate his birthday in the hospital where his ailing mother is confined. Sadly, his mother passed away on the very same day of his birthday. You can hear his pleas to his mother to wake up since it’s his birthday. On the background, you can hear family members sobbingly singing the birthday song.

Outpouring Of Emotion

The netizens were deeply touched by the tragic video and messages of condolences and prayers outpoured in social media. Many people empathized with the guy and acknowledged the pain that he is going through.

This tragic and heartbreaking scene is something that we all dread to happen to ourselves. We can only imagine the pain that the son went through when his mother passed away. It is also a shining example of a son’s love for his mother.

Let’s all express our love for our parents while we still can before we ran out of time before fate take them away from us.

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