Teenage Suspect On The Viral Case Of Child Abuse Now At The Hands Of DSWD

Berna Espina, the teenage suspect in the merciless physical abuse she did to her stepdaughter, is now at the hands of the DSWD after being arrested by barangay officials in Cavite City.

Viral Hatred

The heartbreaking ordeal of the poor child went viral recently when Ella Devera, the victim’s aunt, through her Facebook account, posted the video and the pictures of the hapless victim. She also narrated the horrifying circumstances of the child in the hands of her evil stepmother.

She likewise denounced her brother, the victim’s biological father, for allowing her partner to do this unspeakable act on his daughter. The loving aunt plans to keep the child in her care once the victim is cleared to go out of the hospital.

The Facebook post sparked outrage not just here in the country but all over the world. Many netizens urged the authorities to arrest the suspect and let her pay for her cruel deed.

Consequences of her Actions

After her arrest by the Bacoor barangay officials, Berna Espina, was immediately turned over to the DSWD, since she was still considered a minor.

Netizen Jomer Evas Asas, a lawyer who has been following the case, stated that while Espina is still a minor, she is still liable for her crime. “If the minor is over 15 years old and below 18 years old, he or she can be criminally liable if the said minor committed the crime with DISCERNMENT.

Discernment is that the mental capacity of a minor to fully appreciate the consequences of his unlawful act.” Asas explained.

Netizens are angered

Netizens couldn’t keep their anger in check and were quick to curse and throw derogatory comments to Berna. Here are some of the not so graphic comments:

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