See The Connection: Cory Aquino’s Former Political Strategist, Malloch-Brown, Chairman of Smartmatic

In lieu of 2016 election frauds that are now being disclosed with efforts of Atty Glenn Chong, another revelations are now surfacing but now with a connection to the past events in the political history.
The more evidence comes out, the cheating intentions of Smartmatic and COMELEC gets clearer.

Tiglao’s 2015 Article

Roberto Tiglao, a veteran columnist, and a political researcher shared his 2015 old article about the connection of late President Cory Aquino and her speechwriter and PR campaign manager, Mark Malloch-Brown who is now standing as the chairman of Smartmatic.

Moreover, several posts circling online explaining the connection of Cory Aquino and the Smartmatic.

The old article was written when Patricia Bautista, the wife of former COMELEC Chairman Andres Bautista divulge his unexplained wealth and different bank accounts. As such, Andres even cried on a TV interview.

Moving forward, the latter went to Japan to live with his brother, who claims that Andres is sick and not capable to travel back to the Philippines.

Malloch’s Role In The Republic

Malloch-Brown had a huge role in the snap election in 1986, in which people believed that it is the Filipino effort in winning the EDSA People Power Revolution.

According to the mentioned book in Tiglao’s article, the Sawyer-Miller PR group was hired by Cory wherein Brown was appointed to handle Aquino.

The said propaganda strategy used by Malloch for Cory is demonizing Marcos which led her to Malacanang and is also used by former President Benigno Aquino III.

Malloch does the speeches of Cory and convinced the late president to personally attack Marcos. From thereon, Cory instilled in the Filipinos how bad Marcos is and not Ferdinand’s nation-building efforts.

Outmaneuver The Republic

And now that Malloch-Brown is here again making history behind the name of Smartmatic, the intention is clear that there will be another agenda to outwit the Republic.

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