Reminder To Parents: Teach Your Children To Brush Their Teeth

A mother narrated the harrowing experience of her son who almost lost his life because of a simple case of toothache.

Busy With Work

Parents want the best for their children. That is why most parents work long hours at the office, stay up late at night doing office work, and render countless hours of overtime. All of their hard work is for the purpose of giving their children a comfortable life.

However, because of their motivation to earn money for their children’s future, many parents lose sight of what’s really important. Spending quality time with their children. Making sure their children are healthy. This is the lesson that a mother learned the hard way, almost losing her son in the process.

A Simple Toothache

On a post shared by All About The Philippines on their official Facebook page, a mother reminded the mothers to look out for their children, because what seemed like a harmless case of a toothache can be dangerous to a person.

She narrated that she ignored her son’s toothache thinking that it is just a petty illness and is typical for boys his age. However, to her horror, her son suffered from Sepsis. The bacteria that was present on his swollen gums have spread out to his brains and other internal organs. He went to a comatose state and is fighting for his life. Even the specialists admitted that the chances of survival were very slim.

Prayers Answered

The mother turned to God and prayed for her son. She lifted all her burden to the Lord and promised that she would give up anything, even her high paying job, just so her son would live. God did not disappoint her, He heard her prayers and answered them. Her son slowly recovered from his critical condition. Even though he is still confined in the hospital as of this writing, the mother is very grateful that her son was able to recover from this near-fatal illness.

Reminder For Parents

The grateful mother pleaded with other parents that may her situation serve as a reminder for them to take good care of their children. Teach them the importance of brushing their teeth, teach them the importance of proper hygiene, because, in the end, this may save their lives.

Well Wishers From The Net

Netizens expressed their good wishes to the boy as well as their prayers for his speedy recovery. Here are some of the netizen’’ reactions.

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