Proposed TRAIN 2 Bill To Tax Church Run Schools and Hospitals

Despite the expected objections from various religious groups, Senate President Vicente “Tito” Sotto III filed the Tax Reform For Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) 2 bill, which aims to impose taxes on schools and hospital owned by religious institutions.

The Harsh Truth

Department of Finance (DOF) Undersecretary Karl Chua stated that out of 20,000 schools in the country, half are owned by religious institutions who do not pay any tax to the government.

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Moreover, schools that are owned by these religious organizations collect exorbitant fees from the students, so most poor families cannot enrol their children to these schools and only a few privileged families or the rich people can go to these schools.

This is what some people are calling out for. Especially when the church started meddling with politics. Some are saying that if the church will pitch into politics and use their influence to meddle with politics, then they might as well pay the taxes as well.

TRAIN Objective

The movers behind the TRAIN 2 bill explained that the main objective of the bill is to generate more funds for the government that will be spent to improve the quality of education for every Filipino.

Church’s Response

Religious leaders commented that it is up to the government if they want to impose a tax on church-run schools and hospitals since it is their prerogative.

Their only request is to study the plan completely and weigh its pros and con before making it a law. They reiterated that the church wouldn’t be running schools if only the government can adequately provide quality education, which according to them the government have failed to do.

It seems that the church is keen on putting the blame on the government. What are your thoughts on this?

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