Pretty Girl Used As Punching Bag By Sadistic Husband Goes Viral

Stories of physical abuse by family members are hogging the headlines nowadays. After the “Berna” controversy, a new story about the sad fate of a lady who suffered physical abuse inflicted by her husband went viral.

My Name Is Kate

Based on her Facebook post, the pretty lady’s name is Kate. She is a battered wife. She tried to hide this horrible ordeal from her family because she was afraid that it would ruin her relationship with her husband.

She loved him and tried so hard to understand him. Her family scorned her for allowing this to happen, but she chose to stick it out with him in spite of the beatings she received.

Loving Wife

But after her latest ordeal, she reached her breaking point. She filed a case against him and had her husband arrested for the mauling her.

However, mercy got the better of her, she doesn’t want their children to suffer the stigma of knowing that their father is in jail, so she agreed to have the case against her husband dismissed, in the condition that he will set her free and wouldn’t bother her or their children.

Evil Husband

The husband, Rocky, did not stop pestering his poor wife. Rocky continued wreaking havoc on his wife despite the merciful things she did for him.

He broke their windows and destroyed the door of their house in an attempt to get hold of his wife. He succeeded in stealing her phone.

Netizen’s Outrage

The netizens were angered and infuriated by the husband’s deed and they made it known through social media.

Here are some of the comments from the enraged netizens:

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