President Duterte Refused To Take An Umbrella To Show His Solidarity Despite Heavy Rain

President Rodrigo Duterte attended the 117th anniversary of the Police service in Camp Crame just today.

Tough and simple as always, the President refused to take an umbrella while on the field when the rain suddenly downpour while reviewing with the lined up policemen- an act of sympathy for the team.

As such, the people applauded the President for showing compassion to the police enforcement.

Love Hate Relationship

Police officers with administrative cases are summoned to Malacanang yesterday upon Duterte’s request. Reports came in that the President is angered and mad for a series of crime reports involving policemen.

One of the biggest issues involved are the “kotong cops” asking for protection money from junkshop owners reported in Valenzuela, and the Taguig kidnap for ransom syndicate which involves 4 police officers where one is killed on the operation.

Despite instilled fear by the President, some are not swayed and kept doing illegal activities.
When Duterte took the seat in Malacanang, he raised the salary for the police and grant housing for each.

And from thereon, the president aims to remove the bad impression of the nation that most policemen are involved in criminal acts, murders, kidnapping, corruption, and are closely related to drug lords.

Netizens React

Netizens are astounded by how the president act in such a situation. Superiors and head of the states are expected to be careful and be taken care of the people around him, however, the rain did not stop Duterte for doing his job.

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Despite flooded good comments and salutes received from netizens, some expressed their worry for the president’s health. On the other hand, one wittingly comments that policemen should do good in their job as they were given good salary benefits and housing privileges by the president.

In short, they are being taken good care of the government, hence not ruin and tarnish the name of PNP.

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