Pregnant Law Violator Goes Viral For Being Entitled, Resisting Apprehension Vs. MMDA Enforcers

There have been videos that circulated the social media where enforcers are taking advantage of the motorists, we have been so used to this.

This is why people like Gadget Addict are partnering with the MMDA to show the public how a proper procedure is when it comes to law and enforcement.

The video

A video was posted by Gadget Addict wherein a Starex van was being apprehended. It shows a motorcycle driven by another enforcer in front of the van, clearly staying there so the driver will not flee.

The moment the van was set to the side, the woman was already shouting asking where her 5 minutes were. And that somebody called her that is why she wasn’t able to get in her car immediately.

Illegal parking

Towards the middle of the video, Gadget Addict showed a photo wherein the van was parked with its rear end protruding out on the street. Which is a ground for a ticket. The problem is, the driver was not there, and the moment the driver went out, somebody called her and she answered the phone before driving off.

The driver is attesting that the enforcers have to prove that she has been there for 5 minutes for them to tow the vehicle.

Another problem was, even if she has not been away for 5 minutes, the fact that she was parked illegally, she should be issued a ticket. To issue a ticket, she should give them her license, which she did not.

But all throughout the video, she was insisting on the enforcers to show her proof that she has been there for 5 minutes. She never listened to reason, that’s why they prompted for a tow truck.

Towards the end, another enforcer said that the vehicle was not allowed to go out because of color coding. To which the woman wrongfully reasoned that she was parked and she was not in a major thoroughfare. The enforcer told her that you are simply not allowed to go out when you are coding.

Extreme entitlement

When her husband or father came, the one in the violet shirt. He suddenly turned the situation around and made it look like the enforcers were harassing the woman.

Which according to him was pregnant. He even had the audacity to threaten the enforcers that he will blame them when the woman loses her baby for the stress they gave her.

However, if she had just given them her license because she was illegally parked. No matter if she got there within 5 minutes or not, would this “stressful” encounter have been avoided?

You be the judge:

Because of the extreme entitlement of the couple, commenters even think that they will file cases to take the video down, which Gadget Addict is gladly waiting for.

Clearly, the people are on the enforcers’ side:

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