Plumber Duped Of Over P100K In 5 Years By Girl He Met Once On A Park

A plumber went to Raffy Tulfo’s public service program to complain about a girl who duped him of over 100K of his savings for 5 years.

He met the girl in a park and was tricked into giving her a monthly allowance for 5 years.

The Plumber’s Complaint

The hapless plumber went to Tulfo’s popular radio program Raffy Tulfo in Action recently to complain about the girl, who in connivance with her aunt, deceived him of giving them monthly allowances allegedly for the girl’s studies.

The sad part is that the plumber is not rich, he worked doubly hard in order to earn the money to support the girl, whom he thought was in love with him.

He even rented an apartment for them to live in, as per the request of the girl. Unfortunately, the girl never showed up in the rented apartment.

The Girl’s Denial

The girl was also invited to the radio program to air her side of the story. She vehemently denied all the accusations against her. She insisted that she was not receiving any money from the poor plumber.
Raffy Tulfo was able to talk with the girl’s aunt, who according to the man was the one who normally receives the allowance that was supposed to be given to the young girl. The aunt also denied the allegations but Raffy Tulfo thinks that she may be using her niece to extort money from the plumber and spend it without her niece knowing it.

Charges To Be Filed

In the end, Raffy Tulfo concluded that it must be the aunt of the girl who is responsible for this mess, and just uses his niece to get money from the poor guy, He will be helping the plumber to file the necessary charges against the aunt.

Here are the videos in two parts:

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