“Piso Para Kay Antonio”: Erwin Tulfo Swears He Is Serious In Helping Trillanes With His Mental State

In the August 16 episode of Ewrin Tulfo’s radio program in Radyo Pilipinas, one of his topics was his “charity” that he wanted to start. He named it “PISO PARA KAY ANTONIO”, he aims to raise funds to help Senator Antonio Trillanes and his mental disease.

The reason behind

He started by saying how he will not throw stones against Trillanes anymore. He also mentioned that there was a reason why even if Trillanes already clashed against several senators and yet nobody is still filing charges against him.

According to him, he got information from a senator that nobody is giving Trillanes any attention anymore, especially his fellow senators. In fact, only the media is giving him the attention that he is seeking.

He said the reason is that Trillanes is not right in the head. He even called a psychologist to ask how much it will cost to confine Trillanes in a mental institute. And what else is needed like the consent of the family, and how to deal when a patient is in denial.

“Piso Para Kay Antonio”

He started by calling out to his followers on Facebook. He explained that he wanted to start a fundraiser he called “Piso Para Kay Antonio”, so they can start giving the proper medication to the senator.

“Sa mga nakikinig ho sa atin, sa mga followers ko at fans ko sa Facebook, umpisahan ko po ngayong araw itong “Piso Para Kay Antonio”, para makatulong ho tayo mapagamot si Senador Antonio Trillanes.”

Tulfo also apologized to the families and friends of Trillanes for saying harsh words against him yesterday.

Watch the video below:

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