PART 2: Parents Of Gold Digger Girl Condemn Their Daughter’s Wrongdoings

In the continuing saga of the “gold digger” girl on Raffy Tulfo’s radio program, the parents of the girl willingly guested on the show and accused their daughter of using their name to get more money from her wealthy Korean lover.

Don’t Ruin Our Reputation

The parents of the “gold digger” went to the popular Teleradio program Raffy Tulfo In Action to air their side. They wanted to clear their name amid the speculations that they are somehow condoning the actions of their daughter.

The father narrated that when he met an accident recently, her daughter asked P100,000 from the Korean, which the foreigner immediately provided. Not a single centavo was given by their daughter.

They explained that they tried to convince their daughter to stop asking money from the wealthy foreigner if she doesn’t have any plans to continue the relationship. It would be unfair to the Korean lover, who, despite knowing of her other relationships with other men, continue to support and help her financially.

Other Witnesses

Also, present on the radio program is the assistant of the Korean, who have witnessed firsthand how the girl exploited her lover. He also narrated how the girl used her parents to ask for more money from the jilted lover.

He said he tried several times to convince his Korean employer that he is dealing with a gold digger, but his advice fell on deaf ears. The Korean really fell in love with the girl to the point that he became deaf, and blinded by love.

Audacity To Blame Parents

In the same radio program, the gold digger girl has the audacity to blame her parents for what she did. She told Mr Tulfo that during one of her conversation with her parents, they advised her to marry the Korean. She took it badly, thinking that her parents are trying to sell her to someone she does not love.

Her parents replied that they thought she is in love with the Korean because they have a relationship. Little did they know that their daughter is just using the Korean to extort money to spend on her other boyfriends.

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