New 5-Minute (CR) Girl Got Apprehended By MMDA But Is Spreading Good Vibes To Netizens

After the controversial 5-min girl went viral for arguing with the MMDA when she was apprehended, the netizens still can’t move on.

A new video was released of a woman, whose motorized food stall was being towed by the MMDA. But the video is not making the people angry, instead, it’s sending good vibes.

5-Minute Rule

The video started when the motorized food stall was being dragged to the tow truck. That’s when the owner went out and said that is hers.

She was being asked for her license but she kept on trying to start her motor. That’s when Bong Nebrija went to her and asked her where she lives.

She said she just went to the bathroom, but Nebrija said that he knows that the motor was there for 24 hours already.

Instead of fighting and making a fool of herself, the woman said.
“O sige, sorry po.”

And then added another line that started the light mood.
“Pero Sir, yung 5-minutes pag nag-CR ka hindi naman kaya.”
That started the jesting mood when Nebrija asked her to say it louder, she got ashamed because there were cameras.

But the enforcers were laughing around. At least she did not try to redeem herself by starting a fight, right?

Double standard

Most people were sending positive comments saying that this is how a citizen should be, not like 5-minute girl.

Some are saying that poor people are more civilized than rich ones.

Furthermore, some are saying how double standard the media is, they said that when the one being videotaped is poor, the face can clearly be seen, but when the person is rich, it is blurred.

What do you think? Watch the video below.

Woman tries to stop MMDA from towing her motorized food stall in Intramuros
WATCH: Woman tries to stop MMDA personnel from towing her motorized food stall illegally parked along Solana St., Intramuros
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