Netizens Enraged When Senators Ignored Glenn Chong And Didn’t Let Him Speak

The second hearing regarding the alleged election fraud involving the Comelec and Smartmatic was conducted this morning.

More people

For this hearing, after all the revelations that Atty. Glenn Chong has released after the first one, more people are standing by and waiting for what revelations he is about to reveal now.

Majority of these people wanted to see how the parties in question would face the accusations of fraud, even after evidence are presented to them.

However, these people got disappointed when apparently at one point of the hearing, Atty. Glenn Chong was obviously seen raising his hand signalling that he wanted to clarify or say something.

Shut off

While Chong and the person beside him were obviously raising their hands, and mind you, they were seated just in front of Senator Koko Pimentel, but they aren’t being recognized.

In the end, they were shut off by Pimentel asking the speaker if they have anything more to say.
Naturally, people got mad at what happened.

People got angry that towards the end of the hearing, when Chong apparently had something to say, the senators ignored him and they talked among each other not even giving the social media crusader a chance to air his side.

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