Netizens Are Shocked As An Attractive Mobile Phone Snatcher Was Caught On CCTV

A video of a pretty snatcher victimizing a hapless lady has been doing the rounds in social media. With the beauty and attire of the snatcher, no one would suspect that she is capable of doing such a deed.

Femme Fatale

In a Facebook post by netizen Well Curie, the video clearly shows that while the clueless victim opened her bag to pay at the cashier, the beautiful snatcher skillfully snatched her mobile phone.
The suspect’s actions were so smooth as if she had been doing this criminal act for quite some time.

Wasted Beauty

We have all experienced having to go through financial difficulties at one point in our life, but stealing from someone is not the most sensible solution to that.

Aside from the fact that it’s a crime to steal, it is also unfair for the victims, because they might be experiencing the same problems yet they chose to deal with it through decent means.


Basing on the comments of the netizens, they clearly condemned the pretty snatcher and advised her to return the cell phone she stole and to change her ways. She is young, pretty, and has the physical ability to find a decent job instead of resorting to that kind of criminal activity.

Some netizens have commented that we should not be too harsh on the girl because she might be suffering from a disease called Kleptomania, an uncontrollable urge to steal.


Another meaningful advice from a netizen saying that we should be careful with our biases, we stereotype snatchers and thieves as someone who sports a dirty shirt and unkempt looks, but the best thieves are those that look neat and proper. Well, most of them thieves pose themselves as public servants.

Watch the video here:

Here are some of the netizens reactions:

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