Meek As Sheep, Teens From Viral Pot Session Interrogated In Front Of The Media

The news of the seven teens who went viral with a pot session video where they are taunting and cursing President Duterte has been the talk of the town for several days already.


After the said video has gone viral, even if it was taken last 2016, six of the seven teens in the video voluntarily surrendered to the Malabon police.

Photos of the said surrender were released earlier this evening. Just now, the video was released on Facebook.


In the video, the teens were sitting on chairs in front of the media and the police. They were being interrogated and asked about what they did.

All of them were nervous and even crying, they are all regretting what they did and are sorry to everyone who was able to watch the video.


According to them, the video was taken out of jest. It was supposed to be just for fun and just for their circle of friends.

They took the video and sent it to the group chat of their inner circle of friends. However, a friend of theirs got his Facebook hacked. And when the hacker saw the video, he posted it on Facebook.
Bringing doom to what was once just an attempt to have fun.

Two years after

Two years after the video was taken, the teens were asked if they are still using. Some of them said that they are, the last time they used marijuana was about two months ago.

There were some of them who already stopped. In fact, one of them was on his way to a better life. He is already applying for jobs when the video went viral.

But, as they say, they cannot change what they did, and they just have to face the consequence of their actions. Even if they only made the mistake once.

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