Marikina And Makati Wowed Netizens As They Provided Japan-Style Evacuation Centers

In the spate of the continuous torrential rains brought about by typhoons and southwest monsoons experienced by the country, the City of Marikina recently purchased family-sized tents. These tents will be used by affected families in case they need to stay at evacuation centers. It would greatly help the poor victims in terms of privacy which is one of the main problems in the evacuation centers.

Privacy Risks

Because of how evacuation centers are set up before, privacies of families are compromised. This is why netizens were happy when they saw the tents that Marikina government provided for the families that have evacuated their homes during the flood

Tents that have no roof and are side by side, is the sight that will welcome you to Marikina’s evacuation center.

The modular tents can fit 6 persons comfortably and are complete with provisions and essentials that every family will need while they are staying there.

Aside from the provisions, the families will also be able to sleep at night peacefully without thinking about the risk of getting robbed, or the risk of their privacy being invaded.

Other Cities

Meanwhile, a netizen’s post shows that evacuation centers in Makati also had tents that are complete with the essential needs of every family inside. Like in Marikina, the tents don’t have roofs but are meant to provide privacy for every family.

Netizens’ approval

On the two posts, Marikina and Makati’s evacuation centers photos, netizen applauded the efforts of the government. Here are some of their comments:

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