LRT 2 Rude Girl Who Disrespected An Old Woman Got Slammed By The People

It’s a sad reality that some of the younger generations today do not know how to respect people who are older. A video of a rude woman is being spread in social media where she disrespected an old woman while riding the LRT 2.

Ill manners

According to a post by Facebook Viral Now, Grace Ramos, who is a senior citizen who was travelling by train with her daughter suddenly felt dizzy.

As the train was full and people were standing, they headed to the nearest wall where the older woman can lean on.

But a rude girl suddenly pushed the daughter’s arm angrily saying “wag mo sandalan yung bag ko.”

The old lady said that there is still a bit of space so, she’ll just lean on the wall. The rude girl didn’t budge.

This is where the old lady said that the girl should’ve rode a taxi if she didn’t want people to get near her.

And then the girl arrogantly answered “pake mo.”

Foul mouth

The old woman said “Ate bastos ka.”
Sarcastically, the rude woman agreed and said,
“Bastos talaga ako at pumapatol ako sa matanda, lalo na sa panget.”

This is when the other passengers came to the rescue and confronted the girl. But she didn’t budge and she arrogantly faced the people with her seemingly twisted reasoning.

She is insisting that they have a car and that her brother is a lawyer. Which does not really matter in the conversation and does not give her the right to disrespect people, right?

It’s sad how some people are losing respect that are due to older people nowadays.

Watch the video here:

In the end, the people called a guard on duty to make her go down, but she still did not budge.

In the end, the girl seemed to be talking to someone on the phone laughing at what happened. Which irked the netizens more.

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