In Your Face: Jim Paredes Gets Schooled By An Islam Believer For His Offensive Tweet

Jim Paredes, a known critic of the Duterte administration got burned yesterday when he criticized the changing of Ninoy Aquino Day to a Muslim holiday, raising a lot of negative reactions from the Muslim community.


One of the members of the famed trio Apo Hiking Society, Jim Paredes, himself a journalist and self-confessed critic of President Duterte, yesterday posted a tweet condemning the change of holiday from Ninoy Aquino Day to Eid Al-Adha.

He accused the government of downplaying the death anniversary of a “hero”.

He further said that “Nothing can diminish what Ninoy has done for this country.”

Reaction From An Islam Believer

A netizen of Muslim descent, posted a fiery response to Paredes claim on his Facebook page. Raheel Akmad Abas clarified that they celebrate their Eid Al Adha or “Festival of Sacrifice” based on the Islamic Hijrah calendar and not on Malacanang’s declaration.

He further explained that it so happened that their Eid Al Adha fell on the same date as that of the anniversary of Ninoy Aquino.

Piece of Advice

The Islam believer suggested that Mr. Paredes should have made his research before posting his tweet. He should’ve asked the Muslim community for confirmation before pushing through with his insensitive allegation. Abas added that the media personality should be responsible enough because people might be misled with his unverified allegations.

Raised Eyebrows

The allegation earned a lot of jeers and criticisms from the netizens. One comment from a Muslim netizens sums it all up.

He said “Paredes should’ve realized that the Muslim community would be the first to react if the allegation is really true. They are treating us like idiots. He and those who agreed with him.”
Very well said.

Here are other comments from social media:

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