In An Attempt To Go Viral, Arrogant Miss Got Bashed Instead For “Showing Off”

If you are a traveller or have experienced travelling to other places in the country to enjoy nature, you know that it is just normal to pay an environmental fee. This is used by the places’ local government to maintain the beauty of nature that is their tourist spot.

Wrong doubt

A video of a Netizen named Dada Atienza is now going viral as she took a video of the attendant on the road who was asking for a P50 environmental fee for them to swim in Tingloy.
She works in a munisipyo, but her ID is from Batangas, that is why they were asked for a P50 fee each. In the end, that’s the time she said that she is from Tingloy that’s why the man gave her money back. To which she arrogantly replied,

“Thank you. Pero willing ako magbayad kung gusto niyo.”

No doubt, trying to make it look like they were just being extorted, the woman even can be heard, “video mo ko.” Believing that she is going to raise awareness for people getting money that is not due.


However, netizens did not side with her. Their point was, she could have told the attendant that she was from Tingloy immediately so she won’t get charged.

The netizens also said that she was just being arrogant and showing off her branded bag and that P500 is just a small amount to her.

She works in an LGU, she should have known that people from other municipalities are being charged and not the ones who are from there.

Amid receiving backlashes from netizens, she still found time to be sarcastic about it.

Here are some of the reactions of the netizens:

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