Hilbay’s Attempt To Discredit President Duterte Backfires With Barrage Of Fiery Responses From Bloggers

Florin Hilbay tried and failed a futile attempt to discredit the president for his failure to assuage the people amid yesterday’s heavy rains. Instead, he was peppered with embarrassing responses from bloggers Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles and MindaVote.

A Cheap Shot at the President

Amid the torrential rains yesterday that caused floods in Metro Manila and the neighboring cities, former Solicitor General and “Dilawan” advocate Florin Hilbay found an opportunity to discredit the Philippine president. He tweeted what is obviously a jab at the president and hoped that it will ruin the president’s image in social media.

Here is the post he tweeted in his Twitter account:

A Dose of His Own Medicine

Much to his surprise, and disdain for that matter, his cheap attempt at the president backfired. Bloggers Trixie Cruz – Angeles and MindaVote stated some equally nasty responses to rebut his claims.

Lawyer Trixie – Cruz Angeles reminded Hilbay that during the Yolanda disaster, Mar Roxas was tasked to oversee the disaster rescue, but in the process was the one who needed to be rescued. She also stated the absence of Pnoy in the hostage-taking in Luneta.

Mindavote, on the other hand, issued a more brutal rebuttal on their Facebook page. He berated Hilbay for having the nerve to question PRRD’s handling of the situation when his boss, famously bungled all the crises the Philippines have faced under his administration.

Here’s a part of MindaVote’s fiery commentary:

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