Gold Digging To The Next Level: Gold Digger Had The Audacity To Complain About Her Ex

The Teleradio program Raffy Tulfo in Action is popular for its public service and for helping Filipinos here and abroad. Recently, a young lady went to ask for Raffy Tulfo’s help because she wants to break it up with her Korean partner.

Her Side of The Story

On the radio program, the young lady narrated how she met the Korean, and that they have been in a relationship for two years. She admitted that the Korean gave her money for her school expenses, as well as weekly allowances.

She is living in her boyfriend’s house, and she confirmed that her boyfriend knew of her relationship with the Korean and was the one convincing her to ask for more money from the hapless foreigner.
She went to Tulfo to help her because he was threatening her if she would break up with him. She even said he already hired a killer to end her life if she breaks up with him.

His Side of the Story

As a practice of fair programming, the veteran radio host spoke to the Korean as well, and he was able to share his side. He narrated that the girl asked for a lot of money and that he was blinded by his love for her so he obeyed her wishes.

He bought him several phones, laptops and other gadgets and he didn’t know that she has other boyfriends aside from him. She even asked money for the renovation of her boyfriend’s house.
When asked by Tulfo on how much money he gave the girl, the Korean said it might be between P3 to P5 million pesos.

All’s Well That End’s Well

In the end, Raffy Tulfo was able to request the girl to return some of the things that the Korean gave her.

He also advised the man to let the girl go and to stop the threats. The Korean acceded to Tulfo’s request and apologized to the girl for loving her too much.

Here is the video of Tulfo’s popular radio program:

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