Foreigner Who Works As Taxi Driver In LA Admires Duterte: “I wish he’s the President of Somalia”

We Filipinos know that our President Rodrigo Duterte is widely popular for his iron fist, his tough-talking and his unwavering crusade against criminality and drugs. Despite the number of people who criticize his administration and how he run things as the chief executive, he still has the unwavering support of the majority of the population, especially the masses.

Foreign Fans

What’s remarkable is that PRRD is admired not only by his fellow countrymen but by foreigners as well. International leaders have been vocal about their adoration of Pres. Duterte because of his national agenda. Just recently, another proof of Duterte’s charm came about in social media, when a Filipino travelling for a business trip in Las Vegas met a Somali taxi driver who is a fan of President Duterte.

Rockstar President

Based on the Facebook post of Diko Ama Duque, he and his companion rode a taxi and in the process talked about the president, and much to their surprise, the taxi driver, who hails from Somalia, joined the conversation and started to give good compliments about our chief executive. He also went as far as stating that President Duterte is the best president in the world. On a lighter mark, he also said that he learned a “Filipino” curse word courtesy of the president too since he always hears him cursing and using that word in his speeches.

Deserving Leader

The Somali driver explained that he admire our president for his no-nonsense approach to corruption and his fearless speeches in front of national audience. He further stated that he wished that his own country, Somalia, would have a leader like that of President Rodrigo Duterte. Interestingly, the taxi driver, whose name is Mohammed, fled from his native Somalia because he cannot stand the corruption happening in his native country.

Here is the video clip of the conversation with the taxi driver:

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