Evacuation Centers In Makati, Marikina, And Manila In Photos: Where Did Manila’s P14.8 Billion Budget Go?

This is the third day whereas Typhoon Karding is swiftly amending strong winds and outpouring rain on the cities and provinces of Luzon. In times of disasters and calamities, the local government shoulders the biggest responsibility of handling the evacuation of its people.

There are posts wherein Makati and Marikina local government are doing very good in serving its evacuees.

Pictures online are circling where evacuation centers are properly taken care of, giving each family a tent to rest and clean place to stay in.

Here’s a photo of the evacuation center in Marikina:

And in Makati:

Capital City Is Already Left Behind

On the other hand, Manila is left behind with cities like Makati and Marikina in serving its fellow people.

A picture posted by Mayor Estrada’s Facebook page, evacuees in Manila have barely a neat place to settle in temporarily. They are not given a mat to sit comfortably and anything to keep them at peace.
In a post of Manila City Mayor Joseph Ejercito Estrada, evacuees are brought to Baseco evacuation center.

The 14.8 Billion Budget

According to the post of an online blog, Gising Maynila, the Capital City had 14.8 billion budget last year. The 1.3 billion is spent for the City Health Department, 149.8 million is spent on Manila Tricycle Regulatory Office and the 265 million is meant for Manila Traffic.

Manila is the biggest city, hence a huge amount of budget was granted to it. However, the city seems being left behind to its nearby neighboring cities like Marikina and Makati in times of disasters.

Despite the huge amount of budget, how come it did not provide much or comfortable enough for its evacuees during typhoons or calamities alike.

Manila As A City Role Model

Moreover, Gising Maynila reiterates that Manila is supposedly the role model among all cities. Not because it has the biggest budget but it is the capital city of the country.

Furthermore, most flooded places are in Manila, worst, garbages are being brought back to the shore of Roxas Boulevard, a sign that there really is a problem with waste management in Manila.

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